How Australian Are You?

book_3This is a humorous manuscript on the subject of Australian slangs, cultural diversity, and societal make-up. It is an attempt to capture what makes Australia unique as a nation.

The work is well-researched, properly referenced, engaging and humorous. It is also somewhat autobiographical chronicling the author’s journey to become an Aussie.

This work is unique in that it presents the material as follows: 1.Four sets of 50 multiple choice questions (200 in total), testing knowledge of a slang word, Australianism, or basic knowledge of the country. The material is new and amusing. The replies are cleverly chosen to frustrate guess-work. 2.A scoring sheet. 3.A section where the questions are individually dissected. The correct answer given, and the Australianism upon which it was based explained. 4.A glossary that is specific to this work and thus not overly laborious.

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